Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where do I begin?

Well, let's see.

I was born Peggy Sue of Missouri to a farm Corgi named Cowgirl on June 28, 2006. I was one of six, and am pictured at the far left --you know, the one freaking out. Couldn't you tell?

Clearly, I was the awkward, ugly duckling of my immediate family. Did I mention my one blue eye?? Mom chose me anyway....

...maybe that was just because I was the only female left in the litter.. but that's besides the point!

When did my life of luxury begin? Probably after my first class plane ride at 8 weeks old from Missouri to Newark Airport where my new mom and her parents came to get me -- in a limousine, of course. This was August 23, 2006 -- a day of infamy!

When I arrived at my new home that day, it was quite apparent that I was anything but the ugly duckling Corgi from Missouri. In fact, I was quite adorable, if I do say so myself. Clad in pajama pants with camera in hand, I was iniated into the limelight with flash after flash after flash after flash after....

They marveled over my cuteness, showering me with treats and toys. I was the star of the show, and it was only the beginning! I made my self completely at home--


There was Fat Lacey.

I knew I was forgetting something! I had yet to win over the veteran of the household, then-7 year old dog-aggressive Australian Cattle Dog Lacey. She is the exemplary house-dog, with her obedience levels and natural intelligence off the chart. She does it all -- roll over, shake, do exactly what she is told when she is told it, and did I mention her expanded vocabulary? And the fact that she can catch a frisbee better than you?

Yeah, it's quite a lot to live up to. Nevermind the fact that this (unfortunately) Pet Store puppy (it was 1999 and mom was 12 -- they knew nothing of puppy mills, and thank dog they lucked out with Lacey in good health and all) had a disdain for her fellow dogs!


A natural tolerance and kind of friendship followed in those first days, much to the shock of my new family.

Lacey wouldn't even put me in my place, and let me steal all of her toys -- mostly from right out of her mouth. She never attacked me, and rarely tried to tell me she was boss. Her submissive nature allowed me to co-exist in the house she'd lived in since 3 months of age. How nice of her, right?? I guess she understands me, seeing as though we are both herding dogs and all. Or maybe she can relate to my ugly duckling story, seeing as though she was the clearance puppy that day back in 1999.

I also developed an obsession with the now almost 13 year old family cat, Patches. It's rather unhealthy, I must say. Sometimes we chew on eachother, other times we share the couch and gaze out the window at the world.
So here I am a year and hundreds of photos later! Many of these photos can be seen on my Dogster page which was developed a few weeks before I even came to my forever home.

And that, my friends, is the beginning of a very, very long and ongoing story.

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