Thursday, July 26, 2007

How I got my "party girl" image

I learned early on in life to take it easy on the partying. At the ripe age of just 3 months I was out at the clubs all day and night, partying with the wrong crowd, starting fights, pulling hair... then mom broke out the LEASH. At first I tried to convince everyone it was a fashion statement, and even got a few other pups to start wearing them just because I was. But it is a sad reality -- I was leashed for my foolish ways.

I begged and pleaded with mom -- trying to convince her I'd never go to those parties ever again! I wouldn't eat the cat poop, I'd leave Lacey's toys alone, I'd do anything....

But it was no use. I was on lockdown.

Little did I know it would help my career and give me my BAD GIRL reputation that all the other pups crave!

Alas, the notso glamourous aspects could not be avoided. This was me just 9 months ago, during my first stint in rehab. How could you lock up that face, you ask?? I don't know -- the justice system is cruel, what can I say.
But I could not resist the party animal inside of me, and when I was released I had a minor relapse. I was back in the clubs, and passing out in my food bowl all over again. I was a mess.

I let down my family, my friends, and probably my fans but I needed one last hurrah before I became an "ADULT" -- oh, the dreadful words! It's a wonder how I keep my youthful look and complexion after I was aged so quickly by the fast paced life of a young starpup.

By my first birthday, I was a new dog. I was matured, and even though I am now old enough to legally go out partying, I refrain. I am a responsible dog now -- I have truly learned a lot.

I now channel my extra energy and urges into the great outdoors! I have taken up swimming, hiking, fetch, frisbee and jet skiing as hobbies! I hope that these new found things will keep me on track and out of the clubs!

Okay so maybe I don't jet ski.



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Amber said...

Lola are one of the funniest girls, but SERIOUSLY...I am glad you have cleaned up your act and have found some new hobbies. I will send good doggy wishes your way to help you steer clear of the evil clubs and stay on the straight and narrow.