Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hot dog.

Mom got my Halloween costume in the mail yesterday.Can you guess what I will be?

(Minus the mustard)

Monday, September 24, 2007


This is Oreo. She is a 2 year old Border Collie mom is determined to train. So far she got her to walk nice on leash, but she is going to need a lot of work. She barked and snarled at my mom like crazy when her human mom dropped her off but once she left Oreo was mom's best friend and glued to her.
Needless to say I was wildly jealous, and we kind of got into a little scuffle, but we got over it. Mom took her to the dog park, around the lake and I even got to walk with them.
THENNNNNN.............. mom got out the HOSE.

And all was right with the world!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Saturday was my very first time in NYC to go to the AKC's Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Madison Square Park.

Let me tell you, I am not a fan. Big scary cars, huge buildings, feet ready to trample you... I am a suburban chick indeed.
I also got microchipped! Crazy, huh? I'm CHIPPED! I didn't cry, either!

I did, however, get to meet my long-distance cousins, the Swedish Valhunds! They are newly AKC-recognized in 2007 and I am happy for the short little guys! How cute! How much like me they look!

Okay, maybe mom was more excited to see them than I was.

Then I almost freaked out for a second, thinking this was RUSTY. But mom assured me it was just a fancy Pharoah hound -- much more elegant than Rusty, wouldn't you say?

I finally got to meet a corgi face-to-face! Kind of. Well, he wasn't really interested but it makes for a pretty awesome photo, no?

The best part of the whole day had to be the little dog run. I got to play with tons of new friends and tons of PEBBLES. They were not so cool because when we ran real fast sometimes they would get kicked up -- particularly in our humans' faces....

Mom and I trying to look nonchalant and sophisticated. Okay, maybe I really just wanted to jump in.

All in all -- a pretty great day!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Addicted to Myspace.

So I finally succeeded in creating my Myspace page.

I must say, it is one of the better ones out there.

I already have almost as many friends as mom! And am busy making "thanks for the add" and "showin' some luv" blingees to post on my friends' pages!
This is pretty exciting.

And my URL name is very modest, wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My arch-nemesis.

I know it's hard to believe, but someone as cute as me is often targeted on a regular basis by my arch-nemesis at the dog park. When he comes strutting in, ignoring all other dogs of all sizes, and staring me down I know I am no longer allowed to run free and play.
Rusty is here.

Rusty is an athletic Viszla, and a real jerk. He's been targeting just me for a few weeks now. If mom doesn't eye him stalking me first and shoo him away, he usually dives for me, barking and snarling in my face, and chasing me down.

I reply with screaming, freezing, and other "leave me alone, PLEASE" tactics.. but I guess we can't all be genius herding dogs, can we?

And so.. Rusty remains. A jerk, that is.
This picture to the left isn't Rusty per-say, but it's a Viszla and since Viszlas are kind of boring, someone decided they should all look identical.

Maybe Rusty is mad that I am unique with one blue eye and he looks like every other member of his breed? Nevertheless, I am a sensitive girl and know when Rusty has entered the park.

I usually hide under the nearest bench, because he is tall, scary and lanky and cannot fit. Who else wouldn't be afraid of that stare he gives me from across the park?