Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dog park days.

It starts off with probably my most favorite thing in the world: a car ride.

Then I get right to work. I deftly "herd" away any dog who even LOOKS at my mom. You cannot touch her, she is mine.

Then I usually meet up with Frida. She is pretty cool and one of the few dogs I actually like to roll around with and not just attack cause they're getting too close to mom.

And the fact that she's almost as cute as me doesn't hurt my popularity.

This is Daisy. She looks a lot like Toto, and, as you can tell, she is one of my choice pals, too. I don't roll around in the dirt with just anydog, you know.

And then, sometimes, when I'm feeling sneaky, I butt in on a big dog romp (like this one between my pal Harry and a Weimeraner named Link) and nip at their heels. They're so preoccupied that they never know it was me.


Sam Tsang said...

Looks like you had a fun day!

jennlewis said...

i think that when i get my puppy i might have to take a road trip up to you so you two can play! how do you get along with mountain dogs Ms. Lola?

Amber said...

Hi Lola, I'm Nala...one of those big dogs. ;) I just found your blog on dogster and I must say that I like it! I know a couple of Corgi dogs, and they both really like to "herd" me! I wish I could convince them that I am harmless and would just like to play...any suggestions?

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, just like us at the doggie park... we like to run and run and run and run too!

Mum says its great because it tires us out for a bit!

M & I