Monday, September 17, 2007

Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Saturday was my very first time in NYC to go to the AKC's Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Madison Square Park.

Let me tell you, I am not a fan. Big scary cars, huge buildings, feet ready to trample you... I am a suburban chick indeed.
I also got microchipped! Crazy, huh? I'm CHIPPED! I didn't cry, either!

I did, however, get to meet my long-distance cousins, the Swedish Valhunds! They are newly AKC-recognized in 2007 and I am happy for the short little guys! How cute! How much like me they look!

Okay, maybe mom was more excited to see them than I was.

Then I almost freaked out for a second, thinking this was RUSTY. But mom assured me it was just a fancy Pharoah hound -- much more elegant than Rusty, wouldn't you say?

I finally got to meet a corgi face-to-face! Kind of. Well, he wasn't really interested but it makes for a pretty awesome photo, no?

The best part of the whole day had to be the little dog run. I got to play with tons of new friends and tons of PEBBLES. They were not so cool because when we ran real fast sometimes they would get kicked up -- particularly in our humans' faces....

Mom and I trying to look nonchalant and sophisticated. Okay, maybe I really just wanted to jump in.

All in all -- a pretty great day!


Jean M Fogle said...

Wow it sure sounds like you had an incredible day !

Rev Cindi said...

Oh how fun! (Glad it wasn't RUSTY!) What a blast!

Coye said...

Keep up the good work.