Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm SO blaming it on the rain

So it's been raining an awful lot lately, and let me tell you, I'm pretty upset. Just look at that face... I want to go outside and PLAY or even get mauled at the dog park and I have been unable to do so!

I am going absolutely stir crazy in this house! Will someone give me a tennis ball? A frisbee? A sedative? SOMETHING????

Anyway, what's also got me angry is the fact that I am trying to open my own myspace account and they are just NOT cooperating. I mean, I've got the killer layout, 3468957 pictures of myself in all the traditional myspace poses, and even 2 friends!

BUT they just will not send me the stupid email to verify my email address! I mean, COME ON! Thousands of little myspace pups and teens join everyday.. WHYYY am I having such a hard time?? So I am unable to add friends myself (they can add me, though), display my friends on my page, post comments, NOTHING! It's just horrible! I even set up a yahoo email in hopes that would get the email faster than AOL but nooooo.

They just don't want me on myspace. I cannot imagine why...

1 comment:

Rev Cindi said...

I feel your pain! Have you tried Dogphoria? My 3 pemmies and a cardi are working hard to get a myspace place, too!