Monday, July 30, 2007

Who says Corgi don't swim?

I find it pretty amazing that I went from being scared of the hose to willingly padding around puddles, lakes and ponds -- as long as I can touch the bottom!

I even SWIM for brief moments, paddling frantically when I step off the edge and into a less shallow part of the water. Once my paws rest on the rocky ground below, I am once again content.

I think someday I will be an all-star swimmer. At the age of 1 I am already conquering the baby pool (definition: standing in it and observing the world around me), chasing geese into the lake (definition: realizing that that wet stuff is NOT a continuation of the land, and abruptly scrambling out after my head has gone under), and eagerly chasing the hose water as it sprays all around me (when I'm not hiding from it).

Oh yeah.

Someday, I'll be famous.


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Rev Cindi said...

What a corgilicious little corgi!